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August 22, 2012

Tonight, the sun dips behind the ridge at 7:30pm, a full 33 minutes ahead of western New York. Tom has gone home for a few days, so this will be my second night alone here. Like last night, I will bring Max inside to keep me company.

I cook dinner a little earlier than I’d prefer, so I can take advantage of the daylight. I go outside to the barrels we’ve topped off from the well, I fill a pot of water, and I bring it inside to boil.

Tonight’s menu includes fresh ravioli and summer squash; I toss them together with a splash of olive oil and call it good enough. I reach for my favorite Himalayan pink salt and some freshly cracked pepper. I briefly contemplate whether this salt tastes any different than plain old kosher salt. Unable to be sure, but confident in my preference anyhow, I sprinkle away.

I plate up my dinner and realize that an appropriate “serving size” is probably NOT equal to one full package.

I tell myself that I’m all alone in the Maine wilderness, and should the need arise for me to defend my pets from something fierce and dangerous, I’ll need my strength. Comfortable in denial, I dish up the whole package.

In my defense, I DID add vegetables.

I head outside and settle into my lawn chair with my dinner, my dogs and a local brew. It’s a pumpkin ale; a sure sign of fall’s rapid approach. The air feels brisk, confirming what my beer already knew.

The bugs aren’t bad tonight; they must be cool, too. With this in mind, perhaps fall will be a good thing.

I look to my left and notice the giant, untidy pile of wood waiting to be stacked before the weather turns. Since my last photo, the pile has grown to three times its original size.

…On second thought, perhaps we could stick with summer awhile longer. There seems to be less work involved.

7:30pm approaches, and quickly passes. I briefly wonder what everyone back home is doing with their extra 33 minutes. I reach for my headlamp. I’ve gotten better at remembering to grab it ahead of time.

I allow the dogs to lick my plate clean, rationalizing that, since I cant rinse it under the sink, I’m just making dishes easier for later.

I pause to consider when I got so good at rationalizing.

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  1. Kim Walton permalink
    August 22, 2012 10:36 pm

    Wow. Pink salt? Who knew! I am impressed you are finding things to appreciate about the solitude. I would probably be hating it. Well, relative solitude……you do have four legged friends to keep you company. Please keep writing! I love reading about this amazing journey you have embarked on!

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