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A Very Marvy Update

September 2, 2012

This isn’t the post I wanted to write tonight.

I wanted to tell you about the fabulous lobster mac and cheese I made tonight.
And the grilled pizza we made last night.
And the lobster rolls we made the night before.

And the fantastic hikes we’ve been taking.

And the little projects we’ve completed around here.

I’ll get there.

But the thing is, each day that’s gone by since last Friday, no matter how much fun we’ve tried to cram in, has been punctuated by Marvin’s ongoing health issues. I’ve gotten lots of requests for updates, and the truth is, his progress is kind of at a standstill.

After going to the vet last Friday on an emergency basis, and spending a full six days there as an inpatient, we finally got to bring Marvin home late Thursday afternoon. He was able to pee on his own at the vet’s office, and so he was cleared to come home to us.

They sent us home with prescription food, formulated to help prevent future obstructions. Luckily, he LOVES it.

He’s always been a fickle cat. At home in Pike, after breakfast and dinner – like clockwork – Marvin would come up the stairs from the basement and leap onto the kitchen counter.

He wasn’t interested in any of the “people food” we might be preparing; no, he only wanted water.

His own individual little ramekin of water.

Fresh from the tap.

Cold, please.

Since arriving in Maine, he’s had constant access to fresh water, but maybe it just isn’t fresh ENOUGH for him. Sometimes it seems like we have to pour it in front of him, or he doesn’t believe us. So, upon bringing him home, I went out and got a special, chilled gallon of Poland Spring water. We now keep it in the cooler and pour it for him on demand.

Spoiled? Never. Not this guy.

I figured, okay, so special food and special water…we can do this. If this is his prescription for good health, I can handle it.

This was the time, with renewed vigor and a clean bill of health, to surge forward. To march diligently into this brave new frontier of specialty food and cold bottled water, a brave and monumental place where the cat pee flows as freely as the Poland Spring.

Except…he didn’t pee.

Evening came and went, and we figured, okay, maybe he doesn’t need to go.

Until he got in the box…and nothing happened. And he growled.

And repeated this cycle a few more times.

He acted fine otherwise – eating, drinking, purring, head-butting – but to be safe, we called the emergency line. The vet was confident we could watch him throughout the night and bring him in the next day if we didn’t see an improvement.

This brings us to Friday. We brought him back to the office to learn that he WASN’T obstructed, but still couldn’t pee on his own. It could be any number of things, from nerve damage in his bladder, to loss of muscle tone, to urethral swelling, to a detrusor muscle that won’t relax, or any combination of the above.

So, the poor Marv has prednisone.

And diazepam. (Have you ever seen a stoned cat?)

And today, he got a shot of dexamethasone in the butt.

(He wasn’t thrilled.)

In the meantime, until he can start to pee on his own, we get to go back to the vet daily – once, sometimes twice – so the vet can “manually express his bladder.”

Read: squeeze the pee out of him.

As you can imagine, he doesn’t like this too much.

Please, everyone, keep your fingers crossed that things start to turn around. There is a surgery they can perform, but there’s a 15% chance of serious complications that, in the vet’s words, “can lead to the demise of the cat. It’s never happened on one of HIS procedures, but those are the published odds – and 15% is kind of high, so we’re hopeful that this “watchful waiting” business pans out.

On a positive note, this cat, who used to growl at the pet carrier for a week if someone ELSE had to go to the vet…is getting quite good at car rides.


3 Comments leave one →
  1. Shelly permalink
    September 2, 2012 10:13 pm

    Poor Marvin! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that surgery will not be needed!

  2. Geri Fisher permalink
    September 4, 2012 6:38 pm

    Poor Marv. And poor you, too. Hope things turn around soon.

  3. dorothy rycroft permalink
    September 4, 2012 7:10 pm

    So sorry for you and Marv! You make a good ‘cat mommy’.

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