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Things I’m Learning As I Go, Vol. III

October 5, 2012

1. Maine is beautiful in autumn. Absolutely beautiful. I don’t have to go far to enjoy the color, either – both of these photos were taken right here at our place. I stop and gawk all over the place, all the time. I don’t seem to be alone; I’ve never seen so many people pull over to take photos as I have here. It makes me smile.

Oh, hey. This is my driveway.

Tom reminds me that the trees change color as a response to stress in their environment. Funny, nobody thinks it’s beautiful when *I* turn red as a response to stress in MY environment. Harumph.

According to this website, we’re not even at peak color yet.


2. Without television to distract me, I find myself outdoors a lot more, and consequently, I’m noticing things I’ve never noticed in the past. For example, I didn’t realize that white pines lose some of their needles every year. How have I never noticed this before?!

I don’t really miss television. Or at least, I don’t miss PAYING for television.

3. Sometimes, the most unexpected photo (point down and hastily click) turns out looking, well, kinda neat. (Also, yes, I love my boots.)

4. Sometimes, attempts to recreate said photo…fail.

5. Sometimes, a certain someone will not cooperate for a photo at all.












Nope, not one bit.

6. Black cats will often feel left out of photo-taking festivities. Be sure to help them feel included.

7. It’s actually quite simple to create a panoramic image in Photoshop Elements from pictures I’ve taken on various adventures. I’m somewhat addicted, and I try to remember to take a full sequence of shots on our hikes now so I can stitch them together when I get home. (You can click to enlarge these.)

It’s important to use the manual setting on my camera, so the exposure stays consistent across the entire panorama and portions of the sky don’t appear blown out (as above, right).

Better! (I’m still learning.)

7. Food foraged from the dirty, gritty sand at low tide, with your own two hands…is actually quite delicious. More on this later.

Those are NOT my hairy knuckles.

8. Next time I forage food from the dirty, gritty sand at low tide, with my own two hands…I will wear pants. I was not expecting the mosquitos. Ohhhh, the mosquitos. *swat*

9. Posts go up more slowly here, mostly because my internet is slow and my upload speeds are even slower. I knit while I wait for photos to upload. I’m a VERY slow knitter. I still get a row or two done while I’m waiting. It’s sad. Bear with me.

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  1. Katrin Hogg permalink
    October 7, 2012 5:46 pm

    Hallo,I’m a friend of your mum’s… And thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! Is your name really Erin Lobster?love the pics and boots, boots are always good!as for foraging, did you make moules Marinieres?The only foraging I do is in town, at the shops…lol. Can you add me to your list fog your blog?

    Cheers Katrin…,

    • emrycroft permalink
      October 10, 2012 10:35 am

      Hiya! We actually just steamed our mussels in some local beer (Shipyard Summer Ale) and ate them with a side of melted butter, though after reading your comment, I did a little Googling and found a great recipe I’m going to try next time for moules à la marinière – so thanks for the inspiration!

      I’d love to try foraging for mushrooms or something like that, but my husband is afraid I’d mistakenly grab one of those highly toxic ones and inadvertently off myself. He’s probably right. (Hate when that happens.)

      I plugged in your email address to “follow” me, so you should be getting a confirmation email. Cheers!

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